Mon-Fri: 8am – Noon

Sat,Sun: 8am–3pm

All eggs are sourced from

Malheur River Farms

GF – gluten free

GFO – gluten free bread option

∞Served with your choice seasonal fruit or potatoes 


Classic Eggs Benny 

poached eggs and country ham on a toasted focaccia, with our rich house made hollandaise  9.00  

GFO add $1.50


Crab Cake Benny 

2 crab cakes topped with gently poached eggs on toasted focaccia, with our house made hollandaise sauce   11.95   (not gluten free)


Pork Belly Benny 

house cured & smoked nitrate-free pork belly topped with gently poached eggs and pickled vegetables on toasted focaccia, with our house made hollandaise sauce   11.95    

Salmon Benny 

wild caught Sockeye salmon with gently poached eggs on toasted focaccia, with our house made hollandaise 11.50   GFO add $1.50


Veggie Benny 

avocado and tomato topped with gently poached eggs on toasted focaccia, with our house made hollandaise sauce 10.50   GFO add $1.50



Huevos Rancheros  GF

warm black bean pico on a bed of fresh fried corn tortilla chips topped with 2 eggs your way and avocado  9.50 



Malheur Meats grass-fed burger, crispy pork belly, melted havarti, pickled onion, arugula – topped with a fried egg and hollandaise spread  13.95  please no substitutions


Croque Madame Waffle 

ham & havarti baked into the waffle – served with an over-easy egg and a side of maple Dijon sauce  7.95


Chicken & Waffle 

herb d’ Provence fried chicken fingers on our classic waffle – served with local honey and maple Dijon syrup  10.95

*Steak & Eggs   GF 

char-grilled New York strip cooked to order with two eggs your way   16.00


House Smoked Salmon Scramble   GF 

with sautéed asparagus, capers, fingerling potatoes, feta cheese and  scrambled eggs  11.95

Grilled Polenta   GF 

grilled polenta cakes topped with two poached eggs, melted havarti, and vegetable ragout   9.50

Avocado Toast

Gaston’s multi-grain bread topped with avocado, sprouts, seasoning & edible Garnish  6.50 

add an egg for 1.75


Quinoa Kale Power Scramble   GF 

“paleo friendly” organic kale and quinoa scrambled with 3 eggs   9.95


The Kitchen Sink Scramble   GF 

country ham, applewood smoked bacon, sautéed red onions, tomatoes, spinach, and cheddar scrambled with 3 eggs   9.95


Curry Tofu Scramble  vegan/ GF 

curried tofu & seasonal vegetables  8.95


Market Breakfast   GF 

two eggs your way, your choice bacon,  smoked ham, or local Basque chorizo   9.95


NW Salmon Platter 

cured salmon lox and house-smoked salmon belly w/ red onions, capers, tomato - served with a toasted bagel & cream cheese  10.95   GFO add $1.50 

Sun Valley French Toast 

baguette (2 pieces)  French toast topped with fresh berry compote and jam   6.95


Egg Baguette Sandwich 

fluffy scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese on fresh baguette   4.75


Steel Cut Oatmeal  GF 

with dried fruit & nuts 5.50    

House Made Granola   plain 3.50  with Greek yogurt 5.50

Gluten Free French Toast  6.00


Sourdough Sundays!  Sourdough pancakes $2/ea every Sunday until sold out

w a f f l e s

Plain Jane (with maple syrup and butter)  4.95  ●  Fresh Fruit Compote & Whipped Cream  6.95  ●  Applewood Smoked Bacon & Maple Syrup  5.95  ●  Peanut Butter & Banana  5.95 

The Elvis – peanut butter, bacon and banana  6.95