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Christine Reid​  - EXECUTIVE CHEF


Christine Reid: Christine grew up in a restaurant kitchen.   Her grandparents and parents owned family style restaurants in California, Boise and Cascade.  Upon graduation from Capital High School, Christine moved to Seattle.   While attending Seattle University and working on her English and French degrees, Christine worked for several restaurants but found her home at a small upscale gourmet café and accessory shop in West Seattle. It was here at Capers that she studied under several great Seattle chefs. Christine learned the art of catering, baking, presentation, food cost, management, ordering and menu development. After 11 years, Christine returned to Boise and in 1999, opened Aubergine. Christine later opened Pair and City Grill in 2004 and 2007 respectively. She is currently the co-owner and executive chef at Locavore Bistro in Bown Crossing, Boise.

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